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Electroacoustic Music

Un coup de dés (2023)
Fifteen variations on a random theme

Kolmogorov Variations (2021)
Eleven hard pieces, algorithmic electronic music

Djupare under hörtröskeln (2020)
Below the Hearing Threshold. Two hour radiophonic work

Neon Meditations (2018)
Collaboration with Per Hess

Bourgillator (2017). Almost scientific music

gå lett (2016). Music for dance
Live music performed on modular synth with a short pre-recorded part

Circular Golomb Rulers (2016)
Five pieces made with modular

Sozialrealismus (2015)
Album with 15 pieces made with eurorack modular and field recordings

Wide Open Windows (2013)
soundscape recording also available at the ORF

Teem Work (2013, remixed in 2015)
two hours of relatively easy listening

Signals & Systems (2008-2012)
a cycle of seven pieces, some related to autonomous instruments

Ghetto Blaster Quintet (2009)
houshold electroacoustics with live spatialisation

Under Hörtröskeln (2007)
radiophonic work 2004-2007, first version, completed in 2020

Garbage Collection (2007)
released on MERE Records

Kråkesølv (2004)
music for dance choreographed by Vivild Bergersen

The Linguistic Turn of the Talking Crosswalks (2003)

Nikolaj Ivanovitsj' eksistens (2003)
Hörspiel, text by Daniil Kharms

Norge - et lydrike (2002)
(Norway Remixed), collaboration with lots of people involved

In Vitro (2001)
very synthetic six channel tape piece

Prosit (1999)
made with a bottle of fine red wine

Variasjonar over ei stille (1997)
text-sound composition

The Great Work, part 1 (1995)
tape music for the Imaginary Dancer

Instrumental Compositions

Spirit Cooking (for Bourbaki) (2021)
for two organs and foley artist

fals (2019)
for dance, choreography by Vivild Bergersen.
Trio for harmonica, melodica, flute, percussion.

Blaker Skanse (2017)
Performance / music theatre for solo melodica, ancillary instruments and assistant.

Ruggiero (2012)
Chamber opera commissioned by Oslo Sinfonietta

Trio + Kvartett 2009
premiered at Happy Nordic Music Days in 2009

Three Studies for Toy Piano (2007-2009)
have been performed by Ellen Ugelvik

Trefoil Variations (2009)
written for Ensemble Polygon

December 1998 (2008)
for prepared piano, yet to be performed!

Kammerspill I - III (2006-7)
with coreography by Vivild Bergersen

Songen um rallaren (2006)
soprano with anvil, clarinet in Bb, setting of a poem by Kristofer Uppdal

palintropos harmonie (2005)
for asamisimasa, a setting of some aphorisms of Herakleitos

e-31 (2001)
has been played by Oslo Sinfonietta

Aufbau/Sediment (2000)
written for Poing

The Tesselation Problem (1998)
for piano

minus (1997)
for percussion ensemble of five

Opak Luft (1995 / rev. 2001)
for alto recorder and alto saxophone

Scores for most of the listed instrumental works can be ordered from Nasjonalbiblioteket.

molekyl (Leçons de Pythagore)

This is not a complete list of works. Some early compositions have been left out and videos are in the video section.