Albums made with modular

Since it's much too easy to make music with a modular, there are hundreds of recordings in the archives waiting to attain the status of official works. Fortunately, that usually doesn't happen without some critical selection, editing and mixing, or even old-fashioned composing!

Modular patches

Made with a Eurorack modular.

Important question: How can we represent patches concisely? Feedback networks will look messy as graphs.
A possible solution can be seen below. For a more formal approach, one can use the notation known as Patchbook, or some variant of it.

Radio + Modular


AM radio and modular. It's important to keep up with the news even when recording an improvised session. Recorded on November 19, 2015.

Max Headroom à Paris #1.

Max Headroom à Paris #2

Max Headroom à Paris #3

Live improvisation

Recorded at Biermannsgården on 29 october 2015.

This track can be found elsewhere.

The patch is as documented as they ever get.

patch diagram

Demonstration of frequency shifting

Intended as a demo of a frequency shifter module, it turned into a general tutorial of single side-band modulation. It grew out of proportion and can be found on its own page.

Synchronization of chaotic modules

Another outgrown demonstration of a module along with some dynamic systems theory.

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