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A series of four video loops without soundtrack.

All videos can be shown together as a single installation. Alternatively, any number of the videos may be shown separately, preferably projected on walls.

In these videos some of the appearance of analogue video synthesis is recreated by digital means. This technique involves working with the surface in terms of waveforms and spatial frequencies. Idiomatic features of the digital medium were also explored, notably the use of feedback within each frame and, in some cases, from one frame to the next, resulting in complex evolving shapes. However, feedback imposes a causality, an arrow of time which tends to destroy the time symmetry necessary for seemless looping. A compromise solution was found: the amount of feedback is zero at the looping point, and grows towards the middle of the loop. This creates a revolving interchange between simplicity and complexity.

All four videos follow this basic scheme, but explore different visual ideas. Shapes emerge and vanish, there is nothing solid to hold on to, just an unstable stream of colours. Is it necessary to point out that the videos, despite the title, are completely apolitical? This is an abstract work; the pareidolic willingness to find recognisable shapes and a definitive meaning are vain.

colour revolution 2

Still from Colour Revolution #2

colour revolution 3

Still from Colour Revolution #3

colour revolution 4a

Still from the beginning of Colour Revolution #4

colour revolution 4b

Still from the middle of Colour Revolution #4

The videos were realised in early 2022 after a year of programming and trials.

More reading about video synthesis and the process of making these videos, including stills from preliminary and abandoned sketches.

Supported by: Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond).

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