Modular patches

Made with a Eurorack modular.

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Important question: How can we represent patches concisely? Feedback networks will look messy when shown as graphs.
Possible solution: figure out how one would write an equivalent patch in, say, Csound. If so, the patch cords will carry variable names and the modules will be operators.

A patch in which all modules in the case are used, and all patch cables too. This one is self-generating as well.

Self-generating patch #3

Radio + Modular

(Message pour les francophones, lamas ou autres : il n'y aura version français de cette page, regrettablement !)


AM radio and modular. It's important to keep up with the news even when recording an improvised session. Recorded on November 19, 2015.

Max Headroom à Paris #2

Max Headroom à Paris #3

Traffic Jam

Pedals are an often overlooked controller. Here a pair of pedals are used to trigger sounds.

Traffic Jam a.k.a. "techno jam"

Step on the brake!

Live improvisation

Recorded at Biermannsgården on 29 october 2015.

This patch was as documented as they ever get.

patch diagram

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