Music by Risto Holopainen:

Where to listen

Bandcamp may be a good place to start. There you will find many of my latest works of electronic music.

More ephemeral and sketchy things can be heard on soundcloud, at least for a while.

Garbage Collection was released as a CD on MERE Records and now you can even listen to it on one of those streaming services.

Don't forget the videos!

Lots of less canonical works and sound examples can be found by digging around on this web site:

Instrumental music, scores

Instead of waiting for one of those rare live performances of my pieces to happen, you may want to search the National Library of Norway for my published scores.

Not for streaming!

The so called music industry is acting strange these days. After trying in vain for a couple of weeks to register an account with a new music streaming service, I finally had to find out why it didn't go through. A reviewer (yes, they have a team of them!) candidly replied:

"Your SoundCloud and Bandcamp didn't show us musical content which is appropriate for streaming platform." (sic!)

When prompted about what kind of content is deemed appropriate for streaming and by what criteria, the following response soon appeared:

"We can't support experimental music with a lot of (aggressive)dissonance(both rhythmic or melodic). We are sorry." (sic!)


I've had a few in the past.

Do you really need a new piece for you or your ensemble or some weird and obnoxious soundtrack to distract the viewers of your new film—or do you have some other kind of collaboration in mind? Is so, consider commissioning a new work.

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