Early ideas and sketches for the computer animation Leçons de Pythagore (an acousmatic documentary ballet) by Risto Holopainen 2002.

Sketches towards Leçons de Pythagore, part 1

byrds have long beeks A game with non-existent objects: a continuation or an expectation in people who disappear; whose dull shouts can be heard from within the wall. Hence they are said to be stuck in their career. This goes on for seven days and three nights, then the wall breaks. Connexions between elements and unconnected elements that could be connected: Odd partials, second-hands moving at regular angular velocity, eye and metronome, commented with hieroglyphs and in greek; birds with long beeks, fishes and metronomes, birds wearing a tie?
I do not despise any of this, but strive towards a bleach indifference towards every sensation: Cutting lemniscate. Citrus-sour circles. Threatful squares and sexy squares walking down a staircase. (Looks as if one walks around inside a sack with arms raised.)
walking square
There is some controversy as to whether we should dream up all these contours or if we could describe them while awake.
We have to wait for one minute, several times. My fascination with the unreal has almost completely come to an end.
gaussian bell
The fact that the announced sound of the bell never occurs just leads the attention to other creatures that appear in the guise of a bell. We refuse the bad bells, the ones that look more or less like a candy bowl. We accept Gaussian curves. By striking one with a metal stick we have a perfectly satisfactory alternative to real bell sounds. We have to provide compressed air! Scenario: A square is bombed with a slowly swelling diffuse point of light that moves to the right. The square swallows the light point and folds in around it, slowly deforming into a triangle.

Draw a map over the area existing outside this world, in the form of a printed page. (To be be hung on a wall.)
All this is experienced under hypnosis. Text lines, hieroglyphic translations; at the sound of the bell your dreams will begin.

You may also need an Hybrisgenerator on your way.

(January, 1999)

Sketches towards Leçons de Pythagore, part 2

...one-eyed stories with comments. A shadow-play with hands, where the eye or a large now-point materializes. This can be grasped. In quite an orthodox manner, I prefer not to designate. Wink! Close your eyes. It has already been decided that your dreams will begin at the sound of the "bell". Thus, any sound whatsoever will serve as a bell. The metronome could be composed of hands, or the negative space of hands, or a cellular automaton running out of itself, slowly deforming. It could also be made of billiard-balls put in position for the first stroke: V-shape demolished, not by an external hammer, but of its inner force (the color blending). Furthermore: crescent moons, colors and positions vibrating with uncertainty: positioned scarcely noticeably to the left of perfect center and in other unstable constellations-but all in stills. Moreover, growing tangles, deformed Lissajous curves and skeins even worse, heaps of garbage, spirals one travels into (Archimedian, so it's possible to pass through them and get out on the other side), the construction of various rooms or worlds, and again, those hieroglyphic text lines ... la grande gidouille plus surveillance cameras supervising the landscape and referring it manyfoldedly. Spiral = golden disc. To be considered.

(August, 1999)

Sketches towards Leçons de Pythagore, part 3

Sachez que
Les rayons ultra-violets
ont terminé leur tâche
Court et bonne
(André Breton)

At least three quarks for Muster Mark:

Quark the First
Quark the Second

Quark the Third

A photon (or "footon") that knows how to

Wond'rous Machines - conceivably for alchemical transformations ?

Mantras or mappings from here to there:
sound pressure to light intensity and shaking.

© Risto Holopainen (1999-2002)

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