Also known as the video with lots of hand waving. Made in 2007 by Risto Holopainen in collaboration with Vivild Bergersen and Camilla Wærenskjold.

"... Control of the body is hence seen as the forced movement of a physical object. A good example is "I lifted my arm," which is ambiguous. Take the sense in which I grab my left arm with my right arm, let my left arm go limp, and lift it with my right arm. My left arm then functions literally as an object that I lift with my right arm as I would any other object.
The other sense of "I lifted my arm" is the metaphorical sense. Literally it means that I exercised body control, causing my right arm to rise."

(Lakoff & Johnson: Philosophy in the Flesh. The embodied mind and its challenge to western thought. Basic Books, 1999, p. 271.)